The ‘Great Reshuffle’ has people rethinking their jobs. Here’s what they want going

With data showing signals of burn-out up by 9% and employee happiness down by 3%, the report says “companies are falling short where it matters most”. In addition to a significant divide on work-life balance, employees indicated that employers are also failing to deliver on their priorities around compensation and benefits.

With an economic recovery underway, demand for talent is up across the board, according to the LinkedIn report.

The recruitment boom coupled with a limited talent pool means employers are in competition for the best workers and they will face greater demands from the best job candidates. “Companies need to recognize that the power dynamic has changed,” says Karin Kimbrough, Chief Economist at LinkedIn. “Workers are going to demand more from them on multiple fronts. Candidates are being much more selective about where they work, and workers are more vocal about what they want.”

Creating an equitable future of work

The World Economic Forum’s Partnership for New Work Standards is a global, cross-industry initiative working towards building a healthy, resilient and equitable future of work. In the light of the disruption to working lives brought about by the pandemic, the partnership is exploring the opportunity for employers to collectively reset and drive more human-centric work standards for employees working remotely, back at the office or in a hybrid working environment.

With the Omicron variant of COVID-19 now spreading rapidly across the world, employees are likely to face ongoing uncertainty in their working lives. As the LinkedIn survey shows, employers will face increasing demands to meet the priorities of job candidates as they seek to recruit the workforce of the future.

Simon Torkington, Senior Writer, Formative Content

This article was originally published on the World Economic Forum (WEF). 

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Read More: The 'Great Reshuffle' has people rethinking their jobs. Here's what they want going

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