WebRTC: A Business Communications Game-Changer, Podcast

You’re using WebRTC (“Real Time Communications”) every day, on your laptop and on your smartphone – it’s what makes voice and video available through your browser. In this podcast, Christian Stredicke, CEO of Vodia, a cloud phone system company, talks about how Vodia is working to use WebRTC to create new communications environments for PBX users. WebRTC eliminates the interoperability issues that have long plagued the VoIP industry, and it’s based on HTTP, which means it’s the best network protection currently available, particularly in light of the DDOS attacks during the last quarter of 2021.

“Over the ten, even twenty years, I cannot imagine anything replacing WebRTC,” Christian says. The podcast also discusses the relevance of desktop phones and SIP trunks, how the team at Vodia has found a way to route calls from WebRTC into mailboxes or an IVR, enabling communications between browsers and servers, between browsers and desktop phones, and between browsers and SIP trunks. “I think we’ve achieved ‘choice of device,’” Christian says, “which offers so many possibilities to businesses. This is something unique in the industry, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Visit https://web.vodia.com/

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