Cramer’s lightning round: Invest in Morgan Stanley over Robinhood Markets

IonQ: “That’s the problem. Everybody wants quantum computer. I went out there with Nvidia looking for quantum computer. We own Honeywell for … the charitable trust. Here’s the problem: There is no play on quantum computer right now. None, including that one. There’s no play. There’s just hype. We don’t want hype.”

Robinhood Markets: “Look, I can make the same comment for the last 10 points. It is so down, how do you not take a shot at it? But the answer is we don’t take shots at things. We’re looking for fundamental reasons to own something. My charitable trust owns Morgan Stanley. Bet with them, not with Robinhood, because it’s not a bet. It’s an investment.”

McAfee: “Don’t like McAfee. You need to be in NortonLifeLock. You’re a member of the club. You know that NortonLifeLock, when that deal closes, it’s going straight to $30. Straight shot.”

Western Union: ” This stock is so darn cheap that I have to believe that [CEO Hikmet Ersek] does something. I have to, have to, have to. I would not sell this stock at $18.”

Royal Dutch Shell: “Royal Dutch is the fraction of the mental firepower that Mike Wirth brings to Chevron. We’ve been buying Chevron for … the charitable trust. Why? Much better, more much disciplined than Shell. Much better capital allocation, and still good yield. That’s the one to buy.”

Doximity: “Doximity is a good darn company. I don’t know how we get the address changed. It is so good. … That is a great company with great advertising. I saw it was downgraded the other day by a major firm to a sell. I think Doximity has a lot of good things going for it, but it’s caught up in this whole multiple contraction on price-to-sales that nothing works at. Don’t know what else to say.”

Marathon Digital Holdings: “It’s a proxy. It’s just a proxy for this stuff. You want crypto, you buy crypto. … You like crypto, own crypto.”

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