BioConsortia hires Sarah Reiter to lead business development

BioConsortia, per a press release, announced the addition of Sarah Reiter to lead Business Development. The move, per the release, comes as the company moves towards registration and multiple product launches.

Reiter, the release states. “brings a depth of experience in leading innovative ag input companies focused on feeding a hungry world while improving environmental outcomes.” In her role, Reiter will work on efforts to “expand commercial partnering opportunities for the company’s portfolio of microbials for agriculture, including nitrogen fixation, crop disease and nematode control, improved growth and yield, and post-harvest decay control products.”

“Sarah brings a wide spectrum of experience that will benefit the growth of our portfolio of products that aim to leapfrog existing solutions in terms of efficacy, ease of use and reliability,” Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO of BioConsortia, said per the release. “Sarah shares our passion to change the face of agriculture and the skills to have a major impact on the environmental profile of modern farming.”

Previously, Reiter held marketing leadership roles with Bayer Crop Science and AgraQuest, Arcadia BioSciences and Calyxt.

“BioConsortia does extremely innovative work – with a pipeline of products that has the potential to remake the sustainability profile of agricultural production,” Reiter said per the release. “The company’s patented Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) system, along with its microbial prediction and design capabilities, and cutting-edge gene editing techniques, have resulted in a product pipeline unmatched in the industry – with innovations touching all stages of crop production, from enhanced fertility and Nitrogen fixation to food security.  I’m excited to be able to help drive the commercial strategy for this entire range of products.”

As a company, BioConsortia develops “microbial products that protect plants, enhance fertility, and increase yields while improving the sustainability of agriculture.”

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