Deltek Reveals Potential High Impact Business Development Trends for 2022; GovCon Expert

Deltek, the leading provider of software and solutions for project-based businesses, announced that the company’s GovWin IQ research team, made up of more than 150 veteran market analysts and industry experts, have identified four significant themes and business development trends that are expected to make the greatest impact on the federal and SLED (state, local and education) government contracting markets in 2022.

“Our research has shown that several themes are likely to make an impact on how government contractors operate in 2022,” said GovCon Expert Kevin Plexico, senior vice president of Information Solutions at Deltek and a 2021 Wash100 Award recipient…“Understanding these themes is of great importance for public sector vendors aiming to get ahead of their competition and win more government business.”

Deltek’s GovWin IQ research team discovered that the potential impact of new funding sources and appropriations will be significant in the year to come as well as the challenges surrounding new and expanding compliance requirements, the renewed focus on small businesses as a result of upcoming government policies and many federal agencies are expected to continue consolidating contracts which will result in fewer opportunities.

“The impacts of contract consolidation and expanded compliance requirements will be vital for contractors to understand, while the opportunities unlocked by new funding sources and an increased focus on small businesses can help proactive companies expand their government contracting operations,” GovCon Expert Kevin Plexico added. 

In early 2022, the GovWin research team will also explore details of these trends in a two-part webinar series covering both the federal and SLED markets


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