MAILBOX: Steve Jobs’ Apple, Alec Hogg’s BizNews – the two are both businesses and

In BizNews founder Alec Hogg’s Daily Insider this morning, he spoke about Apple and the iconic company’s exceptional attention to detail – a rare characteristic that Apple has prioritised, without fail, for the last 45 years. It came as no surprise that the focus of Alec’s last newsletter of 2021 was Apple, the brainchild of Steve Jobs – one of his personal and professional heroes. Steve Jobs not only built an almost incomparably successful business. Jobs also built an ecosystem. For this reason, Steve Jobs and Alec Hogg have something in common. When building BizNews, Alec not only built an incredible business. He, too, built an ecosystem that each and every BizNews team member is privileged to be a part of and pursue growth within. – Nadya Swart

Dear Alec,

You are an amazing, exceptionally clever and most wonderful man, to be sure! I am 79, retired and a devotee of yours.

‘Talk’ about Steve Jobs… I’m reading SMALL FRY, Grove Press UK, 2018, a memoir – Lisa Brennan-Jobs, his daughter. Unputdownable. Just get it!

With Seasons Greetings to you and your family: be well, safe and continue contributing as you do to the gargantuan fabric of our society – to whom you make a significant difference! Stay safe, well and blessed – together with your family!

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with all the best things that Life has to offer.

Pamela Ann Stein


Hi Alec

Quite a coincidence! I too pensioned off my 2011 iMac yesterday, (it was functioning adequately but one could not download newest software),  and took delivery of a silver 24-inch M1. Truly a beautiful machine.

I have always been impressed with the Apple packaging – including my first iMac and all previous iPhones, iWatches and iPads. The box the 24 inch M1 arrived in is quite unbelievable. I had to show my wife what a work of art it is. And they’ve replaced most of the plastic with “paper”. Enjoy your new computer and I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and a great 2022.




Hi Alec

Enjoy! Although having been an iPhone (only) devotee for the last decade, I’ve also decided to switch from Dell PC to Mac. This after having received – from  Takealot – a new Dell XPS13 Laptop (more expensive than a MacBook Air) which was “out of the box” faulty. As Dell’s subsequent attempt at on site repair was woeful, I returned the item to Takealot less than 30 days after receiving it. The fact that Takealot now refuses to refund the money (which I paid to THEM), saying that I must “please approach Dell (their supplier, not mine!) for a credit” is another story. Bottom line for now? Caveat Emptor! Never again another purchase from Takealot, never again another Dell product.

Back to Apple. I read your Christmas Eve Daily Insider to my wife, having only yesterday heard her say to a friend “When I learned to sew as a young girl, I was required to always ensure that the inside finishing of the garment which I was making was of a standard that would allow it to be worn inside out.”

Merry Christmas.


Fully agree with you. I bought my fourth machine since 2008 in May this year – iMac Laptop 20” screen. Cannot imagine working on any other type of machine. The workmanship and thought that has gone into the product reflects also in the quality of the company.

Thanks so much for BizNews. I thoroughly enjoy reading and listening to the daily news.

Kind regards


Dear Alec

I have also been an Apple fan for many years and look forward to upgrading my somewhat souped-up 2013 27 inch iMac – just because.

I shared your mail with my daughter who works for Apple in Switzerland. About the attention to detail, she replied that after closing in the evening, staff “detail” the Apple stores and that the screens of iMacs must be set at exactly 76 degrees: that is attention to detail.

Best regards

Ig Viljoen

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