Commercial Drone Market Trends 2022 | North America, Europe, & APAC Industry Forecasts

Major commercial drone market players include 3D Robotics, AeroVironment Inc, Auto Robotics, Cyberhawk Innovations Ltd., DroneDeploy Inc., Intel Corp, Parrot SA, PrecisionHawk, senseFly Ltd., Skydio Inc, SZ DJI Technology, Yuneec International, AltiGator Unmanned Solutions, Azure Drones SAS, Delair Tech, Flyability, OnyxScan Advanced LiDAR Systems, Terra Drone, Zipline, Airbus SE, Alpha Unmanned Systems, DroneShield Ltd., Lockheed Martin Corporation, Thales S.A, The Boeing Company, and Trimble Inc.

Pune, India, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The global commercial drone market size is projected to witness remarkable growth during the forecast timeline as advanced technologies are being introduced to improve the performance and efficiency of these drones. Governments across the world are increasing their investments to enable companies to carry out a wide range of research and development activities and develop robust drone technologies. Below is a region-wise view of the trends that may increase the market share during 2021-2027:

North America (regional valuation may exceed $15 billion):

Use of fixed wing drone rises:

Fixed wing commercial drones captured more than 10% share of the North American commercial drone market in 2020. Fixed wing drones are being extensively used in a wide range of commercial applications, such as surveying & mapping, monitoring, product delivery, remote sensing, and many others. These drones have great flight features as they possess natural gliding capabilities. Moreover, they can carry massive payloads over longer distances while utilizing lesser power, making fixed wing commercial drones an ideal product choice among end-users.

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Semi-autonomous commercial drones gain traction:

The regional industry size from semi-autonomous commercial drones is set to observe over 10% CAGR through 2027. Semi-autonomous commercial drones are being widely used for structure monitoring, law enforcement, and many other applications. They are becoming popular among end-users due to the independence of the drone technology in completing a successful flight.

Commercial drones find high application in remote sensing and mapping:

The remote sensing & mapping application held a large share of the market in 2020. Commercial drones can inspect and monitoring locations that are not easily accessible to people. In addition, they are being increasingly deployed for surveying and mapping, with a variety of applications in large-scale mapping, urban modeling, and vegetation structure mapping, among others, thereby boosting their adoption among clients.

Europe (regional valuation may go past $6 billion):

Demand for rotary blade drones increases:

Rotary blade commercial drones held over 75% share of the regional market in 2020 as the demand for aerodynamic UAV drones is steadily growing. Rotary blade drones can capture images in real time, and they are similar in their functioning to fixed wing drones. However, in the case of rotary blade drones, a continuous aircraft forward movement is not needed to create airflow around the blades, as the blades constantly move to create enough airflow for the drones to lift off, which will positively influence their use.

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High use of commercial drones in aerial photography:

The aerial photography application is likely to register more than 5% CAGR through 2027. Aerial images can play an important role in mapping and helping the defense personnel plan its next military operation. They can also help the ground-based combat groups easily navigate through various places. Commercial drones are also being used as aerial cameras in the real estate sector to offer prospective buyers an immersive experience while checking out properties, including farms, lands, retail parks, and industrial units, thereby bolstering their use.

Germany commercial drone market size grows:

Germany may hold a share worth over $1 billion in the market by 2027 as drone-based delivery and logistics services are being launched on a large-scale. Many logistics companies are aiming to expand their business operations across the country with the help of commercial drones. Moreover, the government is launching several favorable initiatives to encourage the use of drone technology, which will augment the need for commercial drones.

Asia Pacific (regional valuation may surpass $15 billion):

China market share increases:

China is anticipated to capture a share worth more than $10 billion in the APAC commercial drone market by 2027. Commercial drones are being heavily used in a variety of sectors, such as mining, agriculture, and cinematography. Furthermore, the country has established itself as one of the leaders of arms exports and drones, making commercial drones highly popular among end-users.

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Role of commercial drones in agriculture:

The agriculture application held more than 20% share of the Asia Pacific market in 2020. The government is boosting its investments in the sector to encourage farmers and other end-users to adopt advanced technologies.

Commercial drones can play a vital role in increasing the productivity and yield capacity of the crops. They can also be utilized to generate time series animations, which can show a step-by-step process of crop production. These efforts can help in recognizing inefficiencies and inconsistencies in farming and can result in better crop management, thereby driving the use of commercial drones in the agriculture sector.

Remote mode of operation gains momentum:

Remote mode of operation may capture a large share of the market by 2027 as the use of sensor-based drone technologies is growing. With the help of remote mode of operation, the operator can have complete vision and control over the movement of their drones without any external interference, making this mode of operation a preferred one among commercial drone operators.

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