Covid-19 Careers you can count on

As we all have seen and experienced over the past years, our communities need health workers who are passionate and flexible in the everchanging and fast-growing landscape that is healthcare. UAF’s Community and Technical College’s Allied Health Department offers 8 health programs that function to facilitate student growth into the health workers our community needs.

Here is a brief overview of the offered programs:

Dental Assistant:During this in-person program, students receive classroom and practical experiences designed to prepare them to pursue clinical or administrative careers in a variety of dental settings. Faculty has a wealth of experience in the field, and training is completed in CTC’s state-of-the-art dental clinic and laboratory. This program is offered as a 2-year Associate Degree or a 1-year Certificate Program.

Health Care Reimbursement: This program can be completed entirely online, in-person, or a blend of the two. Students are trained in medical billing and coding which makes them valuable assets in a variety of settings. The Certificate program prepares the student to be effective in a real-world setting; they also become eligible to take the national certification exams. For students seeking incremental steps to the Health Care Reimbursement Certificate, CTC also offers Occupational Endorsements (OE) in Medical Billing and Medical Coding.

Medical and Dental Reception: In this program, students can learn online, in-person, or in a hybrid format. Students learn the important administrative duties necessary in a clinical office setting. Additionally, they are taught that greeting patients and setting a good first impression is one of their most important duties. CTC offers a Medical Office Reception OE. The 1-year Medical and Dental Reception Certificate builds upon the OE, requires an 80-hour practicum, and fully prepares students for entry-level employment.

Medical Assistant: This program prepares students for the dynamic position of Medical Assistant. They are taught clinical and administrative duties that enable them to operate effectively in various clinical settings. In addition to classroom teaching, students go into the community for hands-on training in physicians’ offices, clinics, and other facilities. It is offered as a 1-year nationally accredited Certificate Program; it is also offered as an Associate Degree.

Medical Scribe: This program is the newest offered by Allied Health. Through online, classroom, and hands-on learning, students are prepared to take on the role of a Medical Scribe. They learn to document a patient-provider encounter into the Electronic Health Record in real-time. It is offered as a 1-year Certificate Program and as an OE. Both will prepare students for entry-level employment as a Medical Scribe.

Nurse Aide: In this program, students are trained to be members of the nursing team. Nurse Aides can work and are needed in a variety of settings. This career also paves a path for those students who wish to pursue nursing. This program is one semester long and is approved by the Alaska Board of Nursing. Students are eligible to take the certified nurse aide exam after program completion. Course material can be delivered online or in-person. Along with classroom learning, the program involves a 52-hour clinical practicum component.

Nursing:This 3-semester program is offered through the University of Alaska Anchorage with a cohort right here at CTC. This Bachelor degree program consists of 6 semesters of pre-requisites and 4 semesters of nursing program courses. This community is only one of many in need of well-trained, passionate nurses. Graduates of this program will be given the tools to work effectively in a number of clinical settings and will be eligible to sit for the national examination—the NCLEX.

Phlebotomy: This specialized training program is completed in a single semester. Training is completed during one 5-credit course that focuses on learning, testing, and hands-on skills during the first half of the semester and on a 100-hour phlebotomy externship during the second half. It prepares students to work in laboratories in hospitals, medical clinics, and private labs. Additionally, students will be eligible sit for the national certification examination.

Radiologic Technology: This Associate degree is offered by the University of Alaska Anchorage in cooperation with CTC and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. Students will learn via classroom and online learning along with 1200 hours of clinical experience. Graduates will be prepared to perform general radiological procedures and have the opportunity to receive additional credentialing in specialty imaging such as nuclear medicine, ultrasound, etc. After program completion, students will be eligible to apply for national certification.

UAF Community and Technical College’s goal is to prepare workforce-ready graduates via community-driven education. CTC is home to a diverse selection of educational programs and specialty departments including the Allied Health Department. The team of faculty, adjuncts, and staff of the Allied Health Department work hard each semester to graduate quality health workers trained with the Fairbanks and Alaska community in mind. Faculty are in contact with Industry Partners throughout the year to ensure their needs are met and to facilitate student practicums.

Cathy Winfree, RN BSN, was born and raised in Fairbanks. Cathy has worked and taught in a number of areas throughout Alaska. Working as an RN in healthcare was my first passion and career pathway. Today educating and sharing that passion with healthcare students is her focus. She can be reached at:

Megan Wollitz, DNP, FNP-BC Megan works in CTC’s Allied Health Department as a member of the faculty. Additionally, she works as a nurse practitioner in the Fairbanks community. She is passionate about caring for her patients and about helping shape the next generation of healthcare workers. She can be reached at:

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